Are You Saving Time, Money, And Resources With Recycling In Your Business?

28 September 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Saving time and money is a primary goal for most business owners. When it comes to recycling the waste accumulated in your company, you should know doing so in an efficient manner can be a good way to save even more money and time. Check out these tips for improving your methods for recycling.

Starting With Waste Reduction

Reducing the amount of waste you have to dispose of can be a good way to save time dealing with it. For example, if you normally order strong chemicals for your janitorial team, consider choosing natural cleansers. Install reusable filters in your HVAC system in place of disposable ones for helping to reduce the number of fiberglass filters you toss out. If you make a daily practice of packaging and shipping products, discuss with your customers the most minimal form of packaging.

Knowing The Laws Regarding Recycling In Your Area

For the most parts, general laws include most areas when it comes to recycling waste like electronics and discarded chemicals. However, if you use a material that creates a certain byproduct, learning more about its legal disposal is important to avoid high fines. Even though the fines are expensive for improperly disposing of some waste products, consider the damage such a charge could do your business reputation. Today's most environmentally conscious companies have greater chances of being more successful because they are a green business.

Recycling In The Workplace

Reusing containers and boxes can be a way to save money and helps to reduce the amount of waste you take to the landfill. If you have to pay landfill tax each time you take a load, you can also save the cash for tax by reducing your landfill contributions. The smaller amounts you take to the landfill also helps to reduce the levels of methane gas produced in landfills as well, a huge benefit for the environment. To maintain the best recycling practices in your workplace, divide recycling responsibilities by each department you have. When each department is responsible for its own waste, you have fewer chances of getting behind in production due to everyone trying to keep up with the waste from every department.

Keeping Up With The Waste Your Company Disposes Of

If you are aware of how much waste is being produced on a normal day of production in your business, you can see areas that can help create waste reduction. Train your employees to keep waste worksheets for learning what kind of waste comes from each department. Doing so can help you save time and money trying to make changes for waste reduction. Talk to a recycling center for more information.