Rennovating An Older Home? Dispose Of Potentially Toxic Materials Responsibly And With Care

13 October 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you are performing renovations involving insulation and drywall, and you worry that you may come in contact with some asbestos or lead because you live in an older home, you need to have the right tools. There are many hazards that you have to avoid and you have to make sure that you get rid of any toxic materials carefully.

If you are doing all of the projects on your own, you will want to head to a home improvement store or hardware store to get the right equipment. You also have to make sure you have the right types of disposal service.

Gloves and Masks

Make sure you have your hands covered with gloves so you aren't touching any potentially dangerous materials, and have a mask that will prevent you from inhaling the airborne pollution. You should also wear clothing to cover as much skin as possible. Safety glasses or goggles are also a good idea. Once you are protected it will be safe to handle the drywall and insulation.

You should also cover all of your furniture and seal off the rooms where you won't be working, so debris doesn't pass to other areas of the house.

Testing Bags

If you want to have the insulation tested for asbestos or the drywall tested for lead you'll need to have bags to safely put the items away, and for transportation down to the testing center. There are different agencies where you can get the materials tested, and then you'll know if you have to worry about the air in your living space being jeopardized by the renovations. Pick these up in advance.

Hazardous Waste Dumpster

There are dumpsters and hazardous waste management removal options that are designed to take hazardous materials away safely. You can put all of the insulation and drywall into the dumpster and you can find a dumpster that has a lid so you know people are sifting through the materials. These may cost more than other dumpsters but are necessary.

If you are going to do a renovation and you worry that you may have old materials throughout your house that pose different types of health hazards, you are going to need these things to make sure you are safe. Once you get the project finished you want to clean the house to rid it of all dust and debris, and you may want to have a professional cleaning company come in.