Improve Your Chances Of Passing Smog

15 October 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Is your car in need of a smog test? If it is and you have concerns about whether or not your car is going to pass, then there are some tips to take advantage of before having your car tested. Having to pay for another smog test if your car doesn't pass the first attempt can be costly and a hassle, which is why you will want to better your odds of passing the first time by trying these tips:

Exhaust Potential Gas and Oil Deposits:

If you don't do much driving outside of the city or on the freeway, definitely consider taking a little road trip. Over time, gas and oil deposits can sit in your engine and can cause a high level of pollution. To ensure your vehicle's catalytic converter heats up, you will want to go for a long drive. The heat from your catalytic converter will convert toxic deposits such as built-up gas and oil into more eco-friendly waste. This is going to help your car pass smog because of the lower level of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons. 

Inspect Your Tires:

The air pressure can also impact your car's result during the smog test. While your car is being tested, the mechanic will be putting your car on a stationary and your car will be placed on top of rollers. This will allow your car to run and your wheels to spin, so your mechanic can increase the RPM readings on your vehicle. If your wheels are inflated then you may put more stress on your engine to compensate for any resistance that the inflated tires are creating. This can potentially reduce your smog testing results and can even prevent you from passing.

Replace Air Filter:

When having your smog test done, the mechanic will test the pollution levels that the exhaust is producing. To ensure your car exhausts lower pollution levels, you will want to be certain that you car air intake systems are intaking clean air levels. This can be done by having your air filter replaced, as this will prevent any air that is being absorbed from your intake system from passing through a clean filter before it enters your engine.

These tips and car services won't only improve the performance of your vehicle, but will also help you pass your smog test on the first attempt. This can save you from having to pay for additional testing and can prevent you from delaying getting your new car registration, which can be a hassle to deal with.

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