3 Reasons To Have Your Commercial Grease Trap Cleaned More Often

16 December 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

One thing that you might not enjoy spending money on is grease trap cleaning for your restaurant. This can cause you to put it off longer than you should, which can cause a lot of problems. Chances are good that you aren't having your grease trap cleaned as regularly as you should be, but these are three reasons why you should consider working with a grease trap cleaning service to have it done more often.

1. Maintain Your Warranty

First of all, take a look at the manual that came with your grease trap equipment. It should have information about how frequently you should have your grease trap professionally cleaned. If you do not abide by these recommendations and end up with a problem with your equipment, there is a chance that the manufacturer will not cover the repair or replacement. Since grease trap equipment can be expensive, it's definitely worth your while to perform the necessary maintenance to maintain your warranty.

2. Abide by Local Regulations

Your local business code office probably has regulations in place about how frequently you should have your grease trap cleaned. If you do not abide by these regulations, you could get fined. In some jurisdictions, your restaurant's doors could be closed until you have the situation fixed, which won't do much for your bottom line or your restaurant's reputation. A dirty grease trap could also cause you to get a poor sanitation grade.

3. Avoid an Expensive and Messy Backup

The truth is that a backed-up grease trap can cause a big mess. This can cause dirty water and grease to come back up through your drains, which can make for a smelly and messy restaurant and can get in the way of you providing your customers with service. Plus, you'll then have to handle all of the clean-up and will have to hire a professional to come and unclog your grease trap, which is sure to be more expensive than if you would have just had it cleaned in the first place.

The frequency with which you should have your grease trap cleaned depends on a lot of things, including the regulations in your area, the instructions from your manufacturer and how heavily your grease trap is used. However, talking to someone from a professional grease removal company can help you have a better understanding of how often you should have it done. Then, you should consider abiding by this recommendation so that you can enjoy these three benefits and more.